Nature Happenings

  • Raptors begin their southern migration. Visit Hawk Mountain, PA., a WBU Pathways to Nature site - you may see 'kettles' of 1,000 Broad-winged Hawks.
  • Turtle eggs hatch; hatchlings head for the nearest water.
  • Monarch Butterfly migration peaks mid-month.
  • Bats are busy feeding, building fat for hibernation and migration.
  • Blackbird (grackles, cowbirds and redwings) flocks can number in the thousands.
  • Fall migration peaks for warblers and others.
  • Bucks are polishing their antlers; look for buck rubs.
  • Peak of Blue-winged Teal migration.
  • Most hummingbirds depart by the end of month.
  • Robins are in large flocks, feeding on crab apples.
  • First juncos and White-throated Sparrows can appear by the end of this month.
  • Ripe hickory nuts, walnuts and other “mast” may distract squirrels from your feeders.
  • Goldenrod and Asters are in bloom.